in - July 8, 2014

Why Generous: Prayer??

Generosity is the cornerstone of the Christian faith, in that God, so love the world, that He gave through immeasurable generosity, His own Son to redeem His Children from sin. At, we believe generosity should be rooted in our character and reveal itself through generosity of our Thoughts, Time, Actions, and of Stuff. Generous: Prayer starts at the root, and intends to help facilitate growth at the inception of generosity, the generosity of thinking.

Generous: Prayer is a mobile application that takes over your phone to help you think more about others, spend time considering their needs, and as a faith-based group, praying that God’s generosity pours out on His people. By listing you own prayer requests, and praying for others, you start to engage in raising others above yourself, spending time in prayer with God, and others. Our notification system instantly lets others know you’re praying for them now, and it also lets you know the moment you’re being prayed for. Most important of all, the built-in prayer timer helps you pray longer without interruptions.

With Generous: Prayer, you’ll have a better prayer life, pray in more detail, and pray longer.

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