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Generous: Prayer includes all this and more!

Know When People Pray for You!

Ever wonder if someone actually prayed? Prayer is two-way and there is nothing like knowing in the darkest of times that at that vital moment, someone is praying for you. With instantaneous notifications, let others know the instant you’re praying for them, and get notified the instant someone is praying for you. With Generous: Prayer, you are not alone, with God and your prayer family, help is always there.

Prayer Timer

Having a hard time spending time in prayer? With the Generous: Prayer Timer select the categories prayers and groups of people you want to pray for and choose the amount of time you want to pray, then click start and you’ll have your prayer requests automatically queued-up and played for you so you can focus your time to prayer, and not figuring out what to pray for.

Encourage Others in Prayer!

Prayer is a generous act, especially when you pray for others. Partnering with God to reveal his generosity for them, transforms not only those receiving God’s grace, but also the heart that lifts the request with generosity. Let others know the instant you’re praying for them and encourage them in their need!

Audio Prayer Requests!

Generous: Prayer has a goal to make prayer personal, and human again. No more will you read lists off a list, but the prayer requests can be audio-based, give real human emotions and a powerful connection to the person who needs prayer. Keep it short & pithy! Audio requests are only 15 sec max. Connected with the Prayer Timer, sit-back, close your eyes, or walk around the room as prayer request after prayer request plays for you. Don’t like your voice? No problem, you don’t have to add audio, but we hope you will!

Anonymous, Public and Friends!

We know that certain prayer requests should go to different groups and have different visibilities. With Generous: Prayer you can post anonymous prayer requests when you need prayer, but are concerned who sees it. While we also have prayer requests that can be viewed by the public, and prayer requests that only those you choose to be in your “Friends” list can see. With Generous: Prayer, your privacy is important to us and you have the tools to control who sees what.

Bible Studies, Groups & Organizations

With Generous: Prayer, we have a special user account for organizations who want to put their Bible study, prayer group, church, or any type of group on the app. Create prayer requests that are for the entire group and have the group members follow and/or friend the account! Easily be found on a our organization listing map by making your groups location public, letting others discover you nearby!

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